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Battery Swapping Makes City Living Easy and Clean | Gogoro


Gogoro’s innovative battery swapping platform and network of GoStations make it easy to own a light electric vehicle (LEV), like Gogoro’s own Smartscooters or its partner vehicles.

Compared to one or two charging points that can only charge one vehicle at a time, a single GoStation can support hundreds of vehicles in the same space and only takes seconds before you’re back on the road, not minutes or hours.  

Here are six ways Gogoro’s battery swapping smart tech is accelerating the shift to cleaner and smarter cities.

Faster: It’s faster and easier to swap Gogoro Network Smart Batteries than hunting around for a charging station or carrying heavy batteries to and fro. Swap and go in just a few seconds. 

Convenient: GoStations are open 24/7, conveniently and optimally located throughout the city, and the Gogoro App helps you find the freshest Gogoro Network Smart Batteries wherever you are on the road. Gogoro’s advanced AI and machine learning algorithms are optimizing its network of over 750,000 Gogoro Network Smart Batteries in real-time down to each individual energy cell for maximum safety, durability, and range.

Battery Swapping GoStation

Easy: Designed with humans in mind, Smart Batteries can be swapped by just about anyone. No cash, no pin to enter, just swap and go. Gogoro Network subscribers never have to worry about the health or safety of a battery, where they can charge up, and never have to worry about carrying batteries more than a few feet.

Battery Swapping | Gogoro

Smarter: Gogoro doesn’t just build smarter batteries or scooters or electric drivetrains, we build future-proof smart platforms that other vehicle makers can utilize and we regularly update them with the latest software and services

Gogoro Network Smart Battery

Cleaner: Electric vehicles can have a direct and immediate impact where they matter most: on the street, where air pollution is at its worst.

Better: With over 60% of the world’s population expected to take up residence in an urban area by 2030, cities are grappling with how to handle the impending influx of residents, their mobility needs, and the energy needs of the city. The Gogoro Network can help balance the grid in real-time keeping costs down and everyone moving. 

Super Battery Swapping GoStation