First Press Reviews Of The New Eeyo 1 Are In


We sent the Eeyo 1s to a few press in the US and Europe a couple of weeks ago to test and here are some of their impressions:



Thomas Ricker

    • “Smartwheel, a brilliant bit of Gogoro engineering that houses the motor, computer, and electrons required to power the lightweight bicycle.”
    • “Gogoro says it spent three years in development, and it shows — the company has certainly learned from its electric scooter operation.” 
    • “Eeyo is much more natural, making it feel like your muscles are supplying the extra power, not the motor.”


Nick Summers

    • “Step on the bike, press on the pedals and boom — the 250W motor will send you flying forward with a satisfying burst of speed.”
    • “It’s like a 100-meter sprinter exploding out of the blocks.”
    • “The assistance is so impressive that I often felt like a drug-fuelled Lance Armstrong tackling the mountain stages of the Tour de France.”
    • “Better yet, the Eeyo 1s is a fantastic hill-climber.”
    • “The carbon frame and sporty handlebars make the bike feel agile, too, when you’re navigating tight turns or maneuvering around pedestrians who stepped into the road without looking.”
    • “The Eeyo 1s is remarkably light… That special ‘open-frame’ design isn’t just for looks, either. It’s been designed so you can easily slip an arm through and carry the bike over one shoulder.”


Joseph Kaminski

    • “Gogoro Eeyo 1s is the lightest carbon fiber e-bike I've tried yetAnd it's so clean-looking you can barely tell it's an e-bike -- until you ride it.”
    • “I got a chance to ride a prerelease Eeyo 1s for a little more than 30 miles and it's a pure joy. It handles beautifully, runs smoothly and feels solid.”